About Me

Born in Texas, I now live in Toronto, Ontario. I made the move to Canada for graduate school and liked it so much that I've never left. My original academic love was Classical Languages (Latin and Greek) but I transitioned to Mediaeval Studies after earning MAs in Classics and Late Ancient History. My speciality was the history of theology, especially the history of exegesis (biblical interpretation). My academic supervior encouraged me to engage with modern theology and biblical interpretation too, and my experience in my Anglican parish church showed me that there was a need and a hunger for content-rich bible study for non-academics.

So I have been studying theology and exegesis and their history, formally and informally, for many years now. And I've also been teaching about the Bible at the Anglican parish I attend here in Toronto. Those two things are what has inspired this site. I believe that studying and reading the Bible is too important to be left in the seminary classroom or grad school seminar room. It should be the common aim of the whole People of God, the whole church.

Please join me in this important and challenging activity! It can be both exciting and fun -- and one of the most important things I've learned is that there are no stupid questions, only new aspects of the Bible and new angles of approach to explore.

If you have a question or comment, please email me at biblewrestler@wrestlingwiththebible.com.

Abigail Ann Young

About the Blog

The blog is primarily a place for theological reflections. I aim to provide a new post every couple of weeks. But I will also use it to let you know about new or revised sections of the commentary on John as they appear.

I get all sorts of interesting questions in my weekly Bible Study group. And they lead me to believe that most people, even those who regularly attend church and read the Bible, have nowhere to go with questions about the Bible. So if you have a question, please write me at BibleWrestler@wrestlingwiththebible.ca and I will do my best to answer it on the blog.

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