A Taste of The "Former Prophets": Elijah and Micaiah

The Prophet Elijah

In the Bible, the Prophets come in two sets -- Early and Late, or as they are traditionally called, "the Former Prophets" and "the Latter Prophets". The Former Prophets comprise what we are more accustomed to refer to as historical books, while the Latter Prophets are made up of the so called "writing prophets", ones like Isaiah or Micah who left written prophecies behind them. Among the Former Prophets, especially in the books of Samuel and Kings, traditions and stories are handed down to us about the earliest prophets. It is some of these that I have chosen to explore in the reflections that follow.

Originally these reflections were presented along with performances of the songs of Leonard Cohen: "Who Shall I say is Calling", "Land of Plenty", "Joan of Arc", and "Anthem". These songs are referred to in the text and titles. Listening to them before reading the presentation may give some flavour of the original.

Setting the Stage: Who Shall I Say is Calling?

The Lights in the Land of Plenty: 1 Kings 17.1-24

Deep Into his Fiery Heart: 1 Kings 18.1-40

We Asked for Signs: 1 Kings 22.1-36